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Understanding DVDs For Beginners Guide

Understanding DVDs For Beginners Guide

Before you buy anything it is great to know all you can possibly know about the product/item. You will surely get to that point today by reading this post in regards to DVDs.

Sit back relax and soak in all this information.

Understanding DVDs For Beginners

There isn’t much to know. But there are a few things you can keep in mind when purchasing or looking to buy a new movie.

I will go over what I feel is the most important. Some may seem obvious but I will go over them all just to be sure I covered all of what I need to.


There Are Different Types Of DVDs

There Are Different Types Of DVDs
There Are Different Types Of DVDs
  • Regular DVDs
  • HD DVDs
  • Blu Ray DVDs


Most Common DVD Movie Genres

Most Common DVD Movie Genres
Most Common DVD Movie Genres

I say most common because there are a lot of these things. Some I feel don’t even need to be mentioned. So Ill select the main and most comply produced and purchased.

  • Action
  • Buddy
  • Cartoon
  • Comedy Horror
  • Crime
  • Dance
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Education
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Independent
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi


DVD Movie Ratings

DVD Movie Ratings
DVD Movie Ratings

These are movie ratings to let buyers know if the movie is suitable for children etc. These are listed in order.

  • G – All ages admitted. Nothing that will offend parents for viewing young kids.
  • PG – Some material may not be suitable for children
  • PG-13 – Parents Strongly Cautioned some material may not be appropriate for children under 13.
  • R – Under 17 requires a parent or adult grain. Contains some adult material.
  • NC-17 – No one under 17 and under admitted. Clearly adult Children are not admitted.
  • Not Rated – A Movie that isn’t rated.
  • Unrated – Usually the unrated version of a rated movie.

DVD Display Types

DVD Display Types
DVD Display Types

You can view your DVDs in a few different ways.

  • Standard Version 
  • Widescreen
  • FullScreen

Depending on the timeframe of when your dvd was produced you also may have the options to view it in Color or Black & White.


Know The Conditions Of DVDs

Know The Conditions Of DVDs
Know The Conditions Of DVDs
  • Brand New – Never opened or used
  • Like New – Looks and works just like new
  • Very Good – Little to no damage working condition
  • Good – Has visible damage to disc or case. Still working condition
  • Acceptable – Doesn’t look like it will work but still does



Short and sweet just as I promised. But you now how the basics down and can go out and buy with more confidence. Feel free to make your first purchase from me right here on this website.

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10 thoughts on “Understanding DVDs For Beginners Guide

  1. I have many dvds that don’t work anymore, how can I clean them so they work?

    1. You can use soap and water or alcohol.

      They have fancy tools out that will claim to do this for you. But they are very expensive.

  2. I always keep my dvds fingerprint free and clean. I keep them in their cases. But it seems like no matter how careful I am with them, they always end up scratched or even gouged and no longer in working order. What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to fix my dvds?

    1. You’re is just simply going to have to bee more careful. I’ve never heard of a dvd getting scratched up so bad that was no longer in working condition. Damage caused by the case???

  3. I have a number of DVDs in my collection. I am not familiar with HD DVDs. Can you tell me more about them? Are they different from blu rays?

    1. It’s just simply the quality that’s being viewed in that’s basically it in a nutshell and to keep this from getting to complicated.

  4. Hi frank, Here is a question, I was told some years ago that the data burned onto cds/dvds is stored on the top underneath the label not on the bottom. So i’m wondering, is protecting the top from damage such spilling alcohol(which has happened to me) or scratches is probably more crucial than the damage done to the bottom via scratches, spills ect…..?


    1. Both sides are equally important in my opinion. Because scratches to either can be bad news.

      Just be careful when dealing with the disc and you won’t ever have to worry about scratches top vs bottom etc.

  5. hey Frank,

    Thank you for writing this up. Do most DVDs have all 3 display options? if so how to do you watch them in the different modes?

    1. Some do and some don’t it all depends on the company and budget.

      You’d just have to get a player for each type of dvd you wish to view it on. Although I think a DVD player would be fine. A blu-ray wouldn’t show as good in a DVD player as a blu-ray one get my drift?

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