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Is It Better To Own Netflix Or Purchase A DVD For Teenagers & Adults

Is It Better To Own Netflix Or Purchase A DVD For Teenagers & Adults

Nowadays we have access to all kinds of video streaming and movie watching apps.

One of the most popular as of right now is Netflix.

Netflix is a paid monthly subscription that offers movies and tv shows to its customers.

I think they are currently offering one month free. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last but if you’re interested you can check it out here Free One Month Netflix subscription.

It’s easy to use and offers a variety of movies and shows.


Is It Really Better To Own Netflix Instead Of A DVD?

To each’s Own but I say no. Before you jump down my throat let me explain.

I’ve had Netflix, in fact, my wife has it right now. I get on there every now and then maybe to watch something with her or to watch something myself.

For Netflix to be what it is and to be as big as it is. It can definitely offer more movies and shows like come on. When I got on there I was like ok so this is it huh.

Using Search bar On Netflix
Using Search bar On Netflix


Me being somewhat tech savvy I click on the search bar thinking if they don’t have the movie I want to see here I’ll just type it in and boom this shows on the road.

Shortly after that, I  went to bed disappointed and confused.

If the movies not in their catalog it’s not there and they rotate movies and shows so if you like something this month it may be gone tomorrow.

Netflix has good quality movies and shows like they all show very well and sound clear it’s just when a company Is that big amen relevant you can come with a bit more don’t you think.


Why DVDs Will Always Be The Better Option

Why DVDs Will Always Be The Better Option
Why DVDs Will Always Be The Better Option


DVDs are physical items we as humans love things we can touch, see, smell etc. You can only see Netflix and that’s only what they are allowing you to see.

There’s nothing more satisfying than owning an entire trilogy to a movie or season to a show and having the complete decked out DVD cases to go with it man that’s epic.

That’s more collectors talk right there. If you’re just the cause movie or tv watcher you could probably careless and Netflix may seem reasonable to you.



It boils down to your needs and what you like. But I honestly feel like Netflix is holding back. DVDs are here to stay until something else says otherwise.

5 thoughts on “Is It Better To Own Netflix Or Purchase A DVD For Teenagers & Adults

  1. I’m one of those who worries about the “cloud” collapsing, and the moment that happens, we lose all these things we think we “have” digitally. This means DVDs are the better choice in our post-apocalyptic existence…we need something to do when we’re not warring with neighboring tribes or scrounging for food and medicine. Thanks for bringing up this important topic!

  2. I prefer to have DVDs as well.
    I’d rather build up a collection of movies and shows myself so I can watch it anytime I like.
    With streaming you have to always be connected to the net. What happens when you internet is down? Plus you have to make sure you have a good download speed…

    1. Exactly I couldn’t have said it any better. It’s just better the traditional way.

  3. Oh 🙂 I seemed to be old school (a lot of people prefer to have all on computers, online or on clouds, not physical, but I do like things on my hands-DVDs, Books, Photos) TV shows I prefer to watch online (but Netflix somehow is not my favorite as I had subscription for that for some time, and all my favorite TV shows were up to date.), but favorite movies I want to have. the same as books I like to collect them.
    thank you for made me feel not lonely on this 🙂

    1. No problem thank you for your comment.

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