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DVDs For Sale Online – Personal Collection or Resell

DVDs For Sale Online - Personal Collection or Resell

No matter your need for the DVD. I have the one or ones right in stock for you.

DVDs For Sale Online

DVDs For Sale Online
DVDs For Sale Online

You must first understand a realistic original price before you can consider something a sale price. For example, if you are looking to buy a pack of skittles at your local gas station for $0.75 and there is a for sale sign above it stating that the original price is $19.99.

Now you know good and well that that’s not the case and far from the truth. Yes, you’re getting a deal on the sale price. But they fluctuated the price so high that it kind of makes you lose some trust in the supplier.

Saying the original price is like $2 is better and more realistic. To me, that provides a better a more trustful buyer experience.

So I get my estimates from looking up various prices from various sellers selling a product that I plan on listing. I then come up with a what I figure to be a reasonable original price and then implement my own sale price.

This gives my products more realistic numbers and hopefully will help build the trust between the buyer and myself.


Personal DVD Collection

Personal DVD Collection
Personal DVD Collection

If you are buying to add to your personal DVD collection. I have plenty of movies in stock just for you. Special editions, Collector Copies and More. So don’t hesitate to browse through my shop and see what you can find.


Resell DVDs

Resell DVDs
Resell DVDs

I also sell to vendors and other DVD sellers. I’m not picky or particular about who I sell too or what they are buying the item or items for. If you are looking to find a legitimate supplier of DVDs. I’ll be more than happy to be that guy for you. Message me via the green and white chat box on the bottom left corner of your screen and we can discuss something.



I don’t only supply movies. I have added a few Marvel toys to my store. You can go view them at the link below.

Marvel Toys

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  1. This was a really interesting read- thank you for sharing! I enjoyed looking through your shop as well- I will be returning for sure!

  2. Very neat read! I agree with you. If I saw an item marked down almost $20, it would make me question the item’s quality. Oh! And impressive DVD library;) overall really intriguing website.


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    Thanks for your post. Very great. I really loved your library.
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