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Can You Buy DVDs Wholesale or In Bulk With Free Shipping

Can You Buy DVDs Wholesale or In Bulk With Free Shipping

I received a message yesterday from a customer with an inquiry on buying wholesale or in bulk from us.

Oh, yea wholesale and in bulk basically means the same thing.

I was like sure you can and he went on to different details and questions. So I figured it was only right I write an article on this just in case I have other potential customers out there with the same issue.

What Is Buying Wholesale or In Bulk

It’s simply when you buy a large quantity or quantities of items at once mainly to save money.

For example say you want to buy marvel action figures from a supplier.

But their prices aren’t exactly what you are looking to pay so you may ask if they ship in bulk or have a way to make it easier for you to buy from them in larger quantities.

What Is Buying Wholesale or In Bulk
What Is Buying Wholesale or In Bulk

Let’s say they agree most of the time they often do and they cut you a deal.

So instead of being charged for every single action figure at regular price. You’re being charged a fixed price for all of the items. Which will end up being the better deal. Depending on who you’re buying from.

You saved money by buying in bulk and that’s essentially all it is to it.

It’s more to than just this though.


What To Watch Out For When Buying DVDs In Bulk or Wholesale

What To Watch Out For When Buying DVDs In Bulk or Wholesale
What To Watch Out For When Buying DVDs In Bulk or Wholesale


Overseas sellers please oh please don’t fall victim to this trap. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy anything wholesale from overseas.


  • Its most likely going to be fake or have some sort of discrepancy.


  • It may never come and I say this with all seriousness.


  • Will most likely be damaged once you get it. I don’t know what type of training they have these workers at the post office and shipping transporters doing. But they will destroy a box of DVDs cracked disc, cracked jewel cases etc.


  • If it sounds too good to be true it is.


Don’t talk yourself out of common sense. If your gut tells you it’s fishy then roll with it.

Watch out for sellers wanting to conduct business hand to hand or in some way that can’t be virtually tracked. This is how you get scammed, robbed etc 101.

If they can’t take your money how you want to give it to them. Then you don’t need to be doing business with them in the first place.

I would only say this is ok when you know the person you’re dealing with and have done recent transactions with. Only then would it be ok and even then I’d still take someone with me just in case.

Make Sure You're Getting A Deal
Make Sure You’re Getting A Deal

Just because you see wholesale or bulk doesn’t mean you’re getting a deal.

Read and understand what you are reading anytime you buy anything. But more so when buying in bulk because it’s usually not cheap.

This can be debated a million different ways. So I’m going to give two simple examples of what a bulk deal is and what isn’t.

  • 60 DVDs for $800 not, a deal
  • 60 DVDs for $30-$45 a deal

now a few things can factor in to make these seem a bit more reasonable. Like the type of DVDs the conditions and release dates.

Once you get your order inspect it thoroughly.

Check to see if all of the movies you ordered are actually in your box. If they’re used opened them up and check out the back. Also, check the address on the label to make sure it’s from where it’s supposed to be from. It would be a shame to have paid for shipping for something you thought was coming from another state. But it’s really from Johnny and then down the street just taxed you. Checking the address helps avoid these issues.


Do I Offer Wholesale or Bulk Orders

Do I Offer Wholesale or Bulk Orders
Do I Offer Wholesale or Bulk Orders

Yes, I do. If it’s for a special occasion or reason message me and we can fix it up just how you want.

Bulk with me is 10+ so if it’s not any more than 10 I won’t consider it bulk. I’ll still offer free shipping and combine the movies into a small box.

I package my orders safely and securely. Been doing it for years.



That’s all it is to it. Now if you are looking to make your first purchase rather it’s through someone else or here on my site.

Remember if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

4 thoughts on “Can You Buy DVDs Wholesale or In Bulk With Free Shipping

  1. Thank you for explaining this. I’ve been burned in the past with these “too good to be true” deals. They can be so enticing lol. And it’s amazing how many of these deals come out of China. Granted, their shipping costs are so much lower than ours, but it’s usually junk that comes out of there.

    1. The too good to be true will get you every time.

  2. Thanks for explaining the difference between wholesale and bulk pricing. Lots of websites out there try to confuse consumers into thinking they are getting a deal.

    I really liked your list of things to watch out for. You can never be too sure, as there is always some new scam coming up that no one has thought of.

    So true about overseas deliveries and the poor quality items that come from those places. Best to stick to what you know.

    1. Thank you for your comment and I’m glad the feeling is mutual. Overseas deals will make you give it up before you start.

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