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About Frank dvdsandsome.com’s Admin Page

Hey, there I go by Frank thank you for stumbling upon my website. I’ve been into online sells since 2014 and has been actively doing so via Amazon and eBay in that time frame till now. If you are a seller on either platform you know they are working the little fish out with massive fees and random account suspensions the list goes on and on.

That really sucks so I was suggested to make my own platform and sell my products that way. I thought about and said what the heck so here goes nothing.


Whats Up With The Name?

Well, I mainly sell DVDs. But that’s, not the only thing I’ve sold or sell. So to keep the DVDs as the main attraction of the site. I added the and more to let my know that there’s more in stock than just movies. You never know what you might hop on here and see available for sale. Maybe and few books and toys or both and more. See what I just did there?


Things To Keep In Mind

  • I’m not an amateur – I have years of experience and I know my stuff in and out.
  • I price competitively – My prices will be close if not better than the ones you’ll find on Amazon or eBay.
  • I Really Do Ship and Handle – I state on my products page I ship and handle same or very next business day after valid payment has been made. That is true.
  • All Of My Transactions Are Handled Via Paypal – Everything will be digitally traceable when buying from me. No funny or shady busy tactics will ever be done on this website.


Heres a screenshot of some of the feedback left for me on eBay

eBay Feedback Profile for thego2guy2017 2017-12-31 12-23-54
eBay Feedback Profile for thego2guy2017


So you can see that what I’m saying is true. No need to fear of being scammed or cheated out of your hard-earned money. I’m just simply here to provide you the best service I can for the best price. I look forward to seeing you at the checkout line.